What do you do with your plastic cards when they expire or are no longer useful?

Cut and throw in the trashcan?

Plastic cards like credit/debit cards, gift cards, and membership cards are 100% recyclable when discarded in the Papa Cartão® machine.

We renew and increase the life cycle of the plastic that makes these cards.

We also generate jobs, enable workforce, and take care of the environment.

A simple and objective idea that makes a big impact.


A reverse logistics program only for plastic cards, created and developed by R.S. de Paula, a manufacturer of such products since 1997.

The program is sustained by the tripod: discard, safe, and appropriate.
If the discard is safe, but not appropriate, we don’t participate;
If the discard is appropriate, but not safe, we don’t trust;
If it is safe and appropriate, but not discarded through the Papa Cartão, we don’t exist!

“We not only manufacture the cards, we transform them”
Renato Soares de Paula
(Owner of R.S. de Paula and creator of RC Program – (Recycling Cards Program)


Papa Cartão®

About Papa Cartão

People have the habit of discarding their personal cards in a very different way they discard any other product. The first idea is to cut in small pieces and throw away in different trashcans for the most protection of their personal information.

Papa Cartão is a selective collection system developed so that cardholders can discard their own cards ensuring their personal information is being destroyed. People can watch their cards being shredded through a transparent window. Another good thing about the machine is that does not need electricity. It only takes to insert the card in the right position, crank it, and it’s done! The card is cut in 7 pieces.

Today, there are 88 Papa Cartão machines placed in different locations throughout Brazil.

Click here for all Papa Cartao locations.

How Does It Work?

Any company, entity, organization can rent a Papa Cartão. The machine can be customized with the business logo or campaign it is promoting following the Papa Cartão guidelines.


R.S. de Paula will be responsible for the customization of the information that goes on each Papa Cartão. We will collect the shredded material stored in the Papa Cartão and do any maintenance necessary on the machines.

Nowadays, Papa Cartao machines can be found in malls, airports, subway stations events, conventions, parks, among other locations in Brazil.


Once the fragments of the cards are collected from the different “eco locations”, it is directed to the recycling plant. The material is weighed and after being registered goes through a screening to sort pieces that contains chip and other materials, adding more value to the importance of this recycling process and material.

Once the screening is completed, the material is shredded in smaller pieces, totally losing any remaining information, but preserving each card characteristic.

These pieces are placed in presses using a combination of timing, temperature, and pressure. The mosaic plates are the source of many different products we create.

Sustainable Products

Our products are sustainable due the material being of such low environmental impact.,
We apply the circular economy concept: the products were recycled and are 100% recyclables. All products are traceable and parameterized.


Rent a Papa Cartão:

Height – 3 feet (3.28 feet)
Widht – 1 feet (0.98 ft)
Depth – 0.98 ft
3,000 bank like cards capability.

1 - bottom front – 10.08 x 15.75 in. (inches)
2 - bottom lateral – 10.08 x 15.75 in.
3 - top front – 10.08 in. x 1.59 ft.
4 - top lateral – 10.08 x 19.13 in.
5 - top panel – 10.08 x 10.08 in.
6 - frontage panel - various sizes options


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